Payment Plans

Jail Fact!

” Commercial Bail reduces jail overcrowding at no taxpayer expense, and typically programs such as pretrial services charges an ongoing fee to stay out of jail. Of course these programs are paid by tax payers. “

We’re #1 With Premium Payment Plans

A bail bond is an unexpected cost. Most bail bond agencies in Orlando require payment before posting a bond. At Bail 2 GO, we offer clients flexible payment plans, often with no collateral. These additional payment options give clients some breathing room after an unforeseen event.

Anyone Can Qualify Financing

A number of factors are taken into consideration to determine eligibility. How long the client has been a Florida resident, employment status, the severity of the offense of which the client is accused, credit score and other factors. We are as creative and understanding as we can be. In most cases, we endeavor to offer bonds that do not require collateral. Bail 2 GO realize that everyone has varying credit ratings. We regulate our financing by looking for clients who pay on time and have attempted to built up some credit, as opposed to not having any credit. Bail 2 GO’s staff can determine eligibility for our bail bond financing in a matter of minutes.