Bail Process

Did you know?

” The Eighth Amendment to our constitution established the nation’s judicial system and the structure of the bail process as we know it today. It specifically addresses the issue of bail in these words: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

The Bail Bond Process

The bail bonds process is quite simple. The orlando bail bonds agency will ask a number of questions, such as the defendant’s address and what category crime of which they are accused. Once these details have been recorded, a contract will be drawn up and tailored to the client’s situation. The contract will take a few minutes to complete, after which the payment options are decided. A bondsman can post bail at this time. In Florida, bail bonds are permitted to be posted at any time, any day, throughout the year.

How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost ?

In Florida, the Department of Financial Services sets the cost of a bail bond. The current bail bond rate in Florida is $100 for any bail less than $1,000 and 10 percent of any bail greater than $1,000. Therefore, if a person has a set bail of $5,000, then they will pay $500 for a bail bond. This means a person can be arrested in any town, city, or county in Florida and the bail bond will cost the same.

What You Need To Know About Bonds

After a bail bond contract is agreed upon and signed, you are given the responsibility of the defendant appearing in court on the specified date. If the defendant cannot be located within 8 weeks, the person who signed the contract and the bail bondsman orlandoare obligated to pay the bail amount in full. Collateral will be forfeited if it was posted. Luckily, the United States bail bond skip rate is below 2%. When you are alerted that a loved one has been detained, it’s crucial to keep calm and collected. Attempt to get all the information you can, including at which facility they are being detained, the crime of which they are being accused, and when they were first arrested. Make sure the responsibilities and guidelines are absolutely clear to you before signing any bail bond contract. By contacting an experienced bail bonds company like Bail 2 GO, you will get the help you deserve 24/7.

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